Ukraine arte documentary


Many children and adults are killed or seriously injured by mines and unexploded ordnances in Ukraine. The TV channel ARTE has made a documentary about some of our deminers, who involved in mine Humanitarian mine action

Deminers Ukraine2

Opinion: Landmine use is wrong


A move by the United States to allow anti-personnel landmine use will do nothing militarily. What it will do is put civilian lives at risk and weaken the norms of war.


DDG looking forward to promoting safer communities in Colombia


DDG is looking forward to starting clearance work in Colombia, where a team of new deminers have recently been trained. They will work hard to clear contaminated land, eliminating the threat of explosives and promoting the safe...

Iraq West Mosul Building In Ruins S

Hidden bombs and eight million tonnes of rubble keep the people of Mosul from returning home


Hundreds of thousands of families are now waiting to return to Mosul. But the city remains scattered with bombs and unexploded ordnance, making moving around freely extremely dangerous. Currently, the Danish Demining Group (DDG...

Libya Tunisia Sign

Sign at the border between Tunisia and Libya encourages respectful behaviour


A sign on a gate between Libya and Tunisia reminds people crossing and working at the border to treat each other with dignity and respect. The sign was created in partnership with Conflict Management Committees from both the Li...

2018-28-05_AVR_Yes Training At Afghan Scout (1)

From life crisis to an agent of hope


When Farshid Frozesh failed the exams qualifying students to enter university, he was desperate to find a new path for himself. He considered migrating in order to seek new opportunities abroad but instead he found hope in a DD...

Libya Benghazi Mre Opimized Cut

Saving lives through Risk Education in Benghazi, Libya


Since the beginning of the year, DDG has taught thousands of children, youth and adults in the Libyan city of Benghazi, which has been ravaged by years of conflict, about the threats of Explosive Remnants of War (ERW). Th...

A Luoi Vietnam Aircraft Bomb Optimized

500 pound aircraft bomb found and destroyed in Vietnam


Local Vietnamese villagers recently discovered a huge aircraft bomb buried disturbingly near residential housing. The bomb was moved and destroyed by professional deminers from the Danish Deming Group. Farmers in the A Luoi dis...

20180405 Boujdour Camp Optimized

DDG has begun mine risk education operations in Algeria

DDG has been accredited to deliver mine risk education in Sahrawi refugee camps in Tindouf, Western Algeria. Aiming to avert further accidents causing death or severe mutilation, the activities support the ongoing efforts to te...

Ukraine Peer To Peer Optimized

Peers teaching about mines and explosive threats


In Ukraine, DDG is coming up with new ways to approach children and teenagers with risk education through a ‘’Peer-to-Peer’’ programme. The programme trains teenagers to deliver mine risk education(MRE) messages to their friend...