Taras Ukraine

When mine accidents change the course of life


Two years ago, Taras lost three fingers on his right hand due to a mine incident. In eastern Ukraine, 7% of all mine victims are children.

2X M38 Destroyed Close To Temple

DDG clearance activities and testimonials from Vietnam

DDG's purpose is not only to clear Explosives Remnants of War (ERW) in Vietnam but also to raise awareness on the same. What is even more fulfilling is hearing the stories from the people that feel safer now and free to use the...

Mre Session Kukuwa Yobe State March 2018 Nigeria

Changing harmful beliefs: drinking explosives with water for self-protection


In Nigeria, the Danish Demining Group combats superstition and misconception connected to explosives, which pose a great danger to people in conflict-ridden areas.

South Sudan

Reducing Fear and Famine in Leer County, South Sudan


Leer County has been greatly affected by the conflict in South Sudan. Ongoing fighting and explosive remnants of war (ERW), which impede safe movement and access to land by civilians and aid agencies, have contributed to a situ...


DDG facilitates peace through dialogue


The Turkana and Pokot regions in the Northwestern part of Kenya used to be a "'battle ground", where different ethnic groups completed cattle raiding of each other's livestock, both locally and across borders. After the Danish ...


"The police are people, too"


The people of Lorengippi used to run away in fear as soon as they saw someone wearing a uniform, but after the Danish Demining Group (DDG) facilitated dialogue, they began to see the police as their allies instead of their enem...


If not cattle raider, what other career options are there?


Cattle raids have long been part of life in the communities around the Kenyan-Ugandan border, but as part of a larger strategy for peace in the area, the Danish Demining Group (DDG) and local leaders are trying to show youth th...

Storie From The Field

Danish Demining Group in Kurdistan, Iraq


The Kurdish Region of Iraq is one of the most heavily mined regions in the world [1]. With more than 40 years of warfare, Islamic State (IS) and Turkish bombings in the north being the latest addition, the region is littered wi...

Danish Demining Group provides direct assistance to landmine victims in Myanmar


One afternoon, Aung San* was asked by the village leader to assist with others in cleaning the roadside from bushes. While Aung San was working, she suddenly heard a loud explosion and fell to the ground, unconscious. A few hou...

Boy saves his friends from a booby-trap in Abyan


The Danish Demining Group's (DDG) Mine Risk Education (MRE) can have a significant impact on the safety of individuals living in conflict affected environments. One recent incident to demonstrate this occurred last November in ...