Impact Monitoring


In the Danish Demining Group (DDG), we want our operations to make a positive difference in people’s lives.

It is essential for us to measure the impact our activities have on the livelihoods and safety of local people. It is only by understanding the changes our interventions bring about that we can improve our performance to the benefit of the communities we support.

Impact monitoring is carried out in DDG operations. It is managed by trained national and international staff in both our Armed Violence Reduction interventions and Mine Action interventions.

In DDG we use a mixed method approach to measure the impact of our interventions. We involve the communities we support in measuring impact, for example, through use of focus group discussions and gender and age segregated approaches. Their knowledge, behaviour and opinions form the evidence on which we base our findings. Impact to us is about the changes in people’s lives that are generated from having a more secure home or access to safe land.

We continuously seek to improve our operations and the way we monitor our impact. Sharing knowledge and being transparent about methods and findings enables us to receive feedback and develop our programmes and organisation as a whole.

You can download our manual and results from this page on the top right-hand side.