DDG facilitate peace through dialogue - from villages and across borders

The Turkana and Pokot regions in the Northwestern part of Kenya used to be a 'battle ground', where different ethnic groups went for cattle raiding of each other's livestock; both locally and across borders. But after DDG start...


"The police are people too"

The people of Lorengippi used to run away in fear, as soon as they saw someone wearing a uniform. But after Danish Demining Group has facilitated dialogue, they now see the police as their allies instead of the enemy. This deve...


If not cattle raider, what other career options are there?

Since longer than anyone can remember cattle raids has been part of life in the communities around the Kenyan-Ugandan border. But as part of a larger strategy for peace in the area, the Danish Demining Group and local leaders a...

Storie From The Field

Danish Demining Group in Kurdistan, Iraq

The Kurdish Region of Iraq or Kurdistan for short is one of the most heavily mined regions in the world. With more than 40 years of warfare, Islamic State and Turkish bombings in the north being the latest addition, the region ...

Danish Demining Group provides direct assistance to landmine victims in Myanmar

Danish Demining Group provides direct assistance to landmine victims in Myanmar

September 2014. One afternoon, Aung San (name changed) was asked by the village leader to assist with others in cleaning the roadside from bushes. While Aung San was working, she suddenly heard a loud explosion and fell unconsc...

Boy saves his friend

Boy saves his friends from a booby-trap in Abyan

Danish Demining Groups Mine Risk Education (MRE) can have significant impact on the safety of individuals living on conflict affected environments. One recent incident to proof this occurred last November in Yemen when Ahmed fr...

DDG educates Vietnam

Danish Demining Group educates local staff at a World Heritage Site in Vietnam

Danish Demining Group (DDG) implemented Mine Risk Education (MRE) sessions for 36 management board staff members of the UNESCO World Heritage Site ‘My Son Sanctuary’

Dialogue has replaced

Dialogue has replaced armed violence in the Tepeth community in North Eastern Uganda

In 2010, 10 people died and two were disabled as a result of domestic fights involving weapons in the Moroto district in Karamoja, Uganda. In 2011, five similar deaths were reported, but since the beginning of 2012 fewer cases ...

Local community somali

Local Community Safety volunteers help prevent armed clashes and accidents in Somaliland

Somalilanders improve their own local safety and security with support from DDG training. A legacy of civil war has left Somaliland (a break-away republic in northern Somalia)

DDG helps village

Danish Demining Group helps community to solve village conflict

Community dispute about leadership in the village is solved using traditional Somali conflict mediation techniques mixed with conflict mediation training provided by DDG’s Districts Safety Committee.