Conflict management and mitigation


Societies affected by, or recovering from, conflict often suffer a normalisation of violence that needs to be addressed in order to secure a stable and peaceful path towards recovery and development. The longer conflicts run, the more complex they become – and the harder they are to stop.

DDG aims to end local and interpersonal conflicts before they erupt into violence by supporting local conflict resolution efforts and deploying a comprehensive Conflict Management Education toolkit. The education helps people identify and relieve tension, isolate key factors in conflict and employ successful mediation techniques.

With the view of mitigating conflict and upholding the “do no harm” principle DDG also offers conflict analysis services and conflict sensitivity training to national and international bodies. In insecure environments the design and implementation of services must be based on a thorough analysis of local conflict dynamics in order to ensure that interventions at a minimum “do no harm” while ideally also address root causes of conflict and insecurity.

DDG assists other organisations and institutions in doing this while also publishing extensive research on armed violence and conflict mapping in our target areas.